Christopher Eagan was born in Las Vegas, Nevada. He is the third child of four sons born to his parents, Mary and Rudi Eagan.

From the time Chris was an infant, his crib was in his father Rudi’s music room. Across from the crib were large speakers, McIntosh Amp & Pre Amp and turntable. Becoming fascinated by this equipment, at the age of four years old he got his chance to take these apart. This was the beginning of the inventor!


As a child, Chris was always tearing things apart to see what made them work! Amazingly, he was able to put everything back together without any instructions. Simply put, he could fix anything! All of his neighbors and his friend's parents knew this. So Chris was always being called on the phone by someone to come to their house to fix something that was not working.



In addition to Chris's unique inventive abilities he also was musically-inclined from the time he was a small child.


By the time he was 14 years old he started to play guitar and continued to play up to the point where became a professional musician by the age of 16, playing in small clubs in Las Vegas. By the time Chris was in his mid twenties he was working in the Sands Hotel Orchestra in Las Vegas. During that time, between show breaks, Chris began soldering the circuit boards for the very first tool he was inventing!


This tool -- called the EngineEAR -- came out in 1988 on the professional tool market and was sold by all the major tool companies throughout the world and still is! Through the licensing and sales of over twenty of Chris Eagan’s revolutionary automotive diagnostic tools, JS Products grew into a major tool worldwide manufacturer and distributer, Steelman Tools.

After Chris's success in the automotive tool industry, he returned to his roots… music!


On a lifelong quest to find perfect sounding, natural reproduction in an audio system. As a result he decided to purchase over 100 different speaker audio amps, turntables and CD combinations. All of these were very high end, but not musical after a few days of listening. Consequently he would donate these units to friends, family, schools and universities.


A few years ago Chris's yearning for a high end stereo system was once again challenged after purchasing a pair of high end speakers. After a day of listening they went back to the store!

Because it did not exist, Chris decided to develop his own unique transmission line system, that he felt would fulfill the sound that Chris had been searching for since a very young age. Chris saw the future, and so he developed CHRISTOPHER SPEAKERS!

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