Christopher Speakers are a highly refined transmission line three way system.  These speakers were designed to please not only the most demanding audio connoisseurs, as well as the crucial need by studio and mastering engineers who demand nothing but the best!  Utilizing highest quality components throughout and enormous magnets, motor structure and huge voice coils, these speakers are extremely accurate in faithful audio  reproduction.  Mixes come alive, exposing otherwise previously hidden elements in the mix.  Mixes become so realistic you feel you could walk right in and touch the instruments.


Christopher Speakers are a highly efficient and have the ability to custom attenuate the high end.  It is recommended starting the pointer at nine to ten o’clock position.  By adjusting the high end, you can fine tune the sound stage and placement of sound to an even point between speakers, creating a lifelike sound stage.  Let your ears be the judge!


Integral Components Include:


Cast baskets for drivers.


High density sonic outer sealing material which is extremely durable, unique and vital

in creating part of the sound reproduction, as well as the ultimate in speaker protection.


Internal transmission line chambers which are fully coated with sound absorbing material.  When        adhered to the birch chambers,there is a vibration-free structure allowing the transmission line to properly flow through all of the specially tuned packed chambers, creating  a spacious and magical type of bass extension out of a speaker system.


Oxygen-free high quality internal speaker wiring.


All speakers are mounted with heavy duty T-Nut fasteners for safe and easy removal.


Five way binding post speaker connection.


Efficient 8 ohm speakers with the ability of handling a power range of easily 100 watts RMS.


High quality crossovers with a 12db slope at 1000 hz / 3500 hz.


Ultra high-end drivers / 8” Woofer / 6.5” Mid / 1.125” Silk Dome Tweeter (cone sizes listed).


Custom high frequency attenuators.


Cabinet is premium .75” Baltic Birch.


Cabinet size - 49” H x 12” W x 13” D.


Cabinet weight - 90 lbs. each.



The Specs

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